Use Interest Lists To Stay Informed


June 20, 2012 by Kelly Quinones Miller

Thanks to EdgeRank, the algorithm Facebook uses to determine relevancy, many Facebook users no longer see all the pages they like — and that’s frustrating for everyone involved.

But there are a couple potential solutions to this problem that take just a few minutes.

Solution #1: Select “Show In News Feed”

Go to the business page that you don’t want to miss. Make sure you like the page. Hover over the “Like” button until a box appears. (The button will say “Liked” if you’ve already liked it.)

In that box, select “Show in News Feed.” This may fix the problem.

Solution #2: Create An Interest List

If you still don’t see the page you want in your news feed, here’s a fail-proof workaround:

Step 1: Go to the page and hover over the “Like” button again. This time select “+New List.”

Step 2: In the dialogue box that appears, you should see the page you started from (#2). You can keep your list focused on one page. Or, you can click on “Pages” and then click on the thumbnails for your desired pages add them to the list.

Either way, once you’re finished, click “Next” (#3) to move on.

Step 3: Now that you’ve created your list, you must name it (#4). Your list cannot have the same name as any page you admin. If your list is only one page, you can use that page’s name. If it’s multiple pages, consider a name that confers priority, such as “Important.”

Facebook gives you three options for determining your list’s privacy (#5). If you want others to benefit from your list, keep the default “Public” setting. If you’d rather lock down your list, choose either “Friends” or “Only Me.”

When you’re through, click “Done” (#6).

Step 4: You should be taken straight to your list. It will look like a news feed expect that it has a title rather than an update box (#7) and you have sharing and management tools (#8).

From this screen you can edit or rename the list, including add more pages. You can also like, comment on, and share the content published by pages on your list. This activity will show up in your standard news feed and on your friends’ tickers.

You can now click on your list from your bookmarks panel. When you do, you’ll see all activity that page (or pages) publishes. Workaround complete!

Make It Pretty

While just having the list is great, you can make it even more visible and accessible so that you use it once it’s created. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Find the “Interest Lists” section in the list of bookmarks on the left side of news feed (whether while looking at a list or in your standard news feed).

Step 2: Hover over your list and click the pencil that appears to the left. Then click “Add to Favorites.”

Step 3: Scroll back up to the top of your news feed and look at your “Favorites” section of your bookmarks panel. You’ll see your list added at the bottom.

Now you’ll not only see the list regularly, you’ll also get notifications when that list is updated. If you ever want to move the list back down to the Interest Lists area, click that pencil and select “Remove from Favorites.”

How easy was that?! Leave a comment letting us know if you create an Interest List or if you have any questions!

2 thoughts on “Use Interest Lists To Stay Informed

  1. Cindy Ammons says:

    This is really cool!! Which one of your sessions do you cover stuff like this?? Thanks, Cindy

  2. kellyqm says:

    I’m thinking about an advanced Facebook workshop in September. I’m always available for one-on-one or small-group training if you and a couple others want something sooner.

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