Found A Typo? 2 Ways To Fix It!

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June 22, 2012 by Kelly Quinones Miller

Typos are the bane of everyone’s existence, but it’s tricky to avoid them on Facebook, especially since there aren’t many editing features. Until now.

Facebook is rolling out a comment editing option that should be live for everyone soon. However, there are already a couple ways to edit some of the information you post. Add these tricks to your tool box:

1. You Can Edit Statuses For Photos

When you attach a photo to your status update, the status update becomes the caption.

To edit: Click on the photo and select “Edit.”

The status/caption is now editable. Make corrections (#1) and click “Done Editing” (#2).

Now your friends will see the corrected status in their news feeds.

2. Edit Comments

You still can’t edit original posts that don’t have a comment attached, but you can edit your comments. Starting about a year ago, Facebook allowed you to edit your comment if you did so within seconds of posting it. Now, you can edit any time you want.

Do it: When you find a comment you want to edit, hover over it. A pencil will appear in the top right corner. Click the pencil and choose “Edit.”

Make any corrections or additions you want and then hit “Enter.”

Now you have exactly the comment you want!

Note: Facebook will mark your comment as “Edited.” If you click on the word “Edited,” you’ll be able to see your edit history — as can anyone else who can see your comment.

If you don’t want anyone to see your edit history, you can delete the comment and start over from scratch.

Happy editing!

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