Page Admins Get A ‘Voice’

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June 28, 2012 by Kelly Quinones Miller

Just when you think you have it pinned down, Facebook changes again. Newest update: Facebook Pages has done away with Posting Preferences and given you a ‘Voice.’

How it works: You can now easily update your posting preference (i.e., choose whether your posts appear under your name or your page) right on your Timeline thanks to the brand new ‘Voice’ bar (#1). To use it, simply click on your preference (#2).

Because of the Voice option bar, Facebook has removed Posting Preference from the Your Settings section.

Old way: The path to reach Posting Preferences used to be Edit Page > Manage Notifications > Your Settings. You would have to follow that path each time you wanted to change how your posts appear on your page.

Voice Bar Works For Admins, Not Pages

The Voice bar will only appear when page admins are using Facebook as themselves rather than as their pages. To do that, look for PAGES in the bookmark panel on the left side of your News Feed. Click on your page. You will see the Voice bar.

If you click on the arrow beside the Home link (see images above) to select your page, you’ll be using Facebook as your page. Therefore, you will not see the Voice bar.

Stick With Voice To Manage Preferences

You may be used to using Facebook as your page, but you’re missing out on some key efficiencies.

1. Facebook is made for people, not pages. Therefore, if you choose your page for your Posting Preference, you can easily post on your business Timeline, your personal Timeline, and any other page you admin — all without having to change how you’re using Facebook.

2. Your Timeline tools work better for people. When you use Facebook as yourself but post as your page, you avoid the dread gray screen when you try to access your Activity Log or otherwise use the tools Facebook has developed for pages.

3. You can like and share everything. When you’re using Facebook as your page, you can only like other pages. When you use Facebook as yourself, you can like pages and people — making things easier and giving you more options for sharing your page with others.

Do you regularly use Facebook as your page when working on your business page? What restrictions have you noticed?

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