Introduce Yourself In 30 Seconds Or Less

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July 2, 2012 by Kelly Hazen Klug

Imagine you’re standing on the sidelines of a networking event when the organizer announces everyone will have the chance to introduce themself to the group.

What is your reaction? Do you panic, wondering what to say? Or are you calm and collected, knowing you have a polished gem of an introduction waiting to be shared?

Last Thursday, a small group of businesspeople moved themselves into the latter category after completing our 30 Seconds or Less: Elevator Pitches That Work workshop, the first in the Practical Knowledge Summer Seminar Series.

After learning the four components of an effective 30-second commercial, participants drafted versions of their own commercial. For me, the highlight of the seminar was watching everyone share their commercial and hearing suggestions and praise from the rest of the group.

Remember: One of the reasons we limit our seminars to 10 participants is to create a workshop atmosphere which allows for personal attention and collaboration among participants. Thursday’s seminar proved we made the right decision.

Based on seminar feedback, I am certain we’ll offer this seminar again. Even though we forgot to put a comments section on our evaluation form, our participants scribbled their thoughts in the margins! Here are some of their comments:

“This was great! I dread these kind of seminars where you speak, but you broke it down so it was easy and fun.”

“I was not sure I needed this, but so glad I came.”

“Great job!”

Were you at the seminar? If so, tell us what you liked best. If you missed it this time around and want to be notified when we offer it again, leave a comment below.  We’ll help you create an introduction that will have others talking!

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