Facebook Takes A Page From Pinterest’s Book

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July 21, 2012 by Kelly Quinones Miller

If you’ve ever pinned content on Pinterest before, then Facebook’s new format for displaying your Pinterest activity should look very familiar.

Starting today, users will be able to like and comment on their friends’ pins without ever leaving Facebook. The way the pins look is a nearly exact replica of how pins look on Pinterest (image A)

Image A

The reasoning for Facebook’s change is obvious: People love Pinterest. They love the way it’s laid out. They love the photos. They love seeing what other people have pinned. And, if Facebook can display pins similar to how they look on Pinterest, maybe folks will stay planted on Facebook, or so they hope.

Siphoned User Share Calls For Crafty Design

Before this change, Facebookers’ Pinterest activity would show up as third-party photos in their friends’ news feeds. When their friends clicked on the photo, the friend would be taken from Facebook to the pin on Pinterest. (Meaning, Facebook would lose the user to Pinterest.)

New way: Of course, Facebook wants to keep as many users as possible. To that end, it has created a new interface for Pinterest activity. Here’s what it looks like:

With this new interface, a Facebooker can see the activity (photo) and interact with it (like or comment) without ever leaving the social network.

How It Works

When you click “Like,” the Like link will change and you’ll see 1 by the thumbs up (image B). If you click on the “Comment,” thumbs up, or the comment box, a “theatre” box will open that allows you to leave a comment (image C).

Image B

Image C

Once you leave a comment and click in the black area surrounding the comment box, you’ll see the comment count increase (image D). Note that you cannot edit or delete these comments at this time.

Image D

However, you’ll never leave Facebook — and Facebook is hoping that this means it won’t lose your attention to Pinterest.

Of course, if you click on the photo or the photo caption, the third-party app will shoot you through to Pinterest in a new tab or window (image E).

Image E

Facebook is still open in the old tab/window, but in this new tab/window you’ll see the pin in real time with all associated links and comments.

Special thanks to my friend Brandy for pinning this morning.

What do you think of Facebook’s slick new way of keeping you on its site? Do you think Facebook has reason to worry about Pinterest grabbing its user share?

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