Facebook Introduces Easier Way To Like — & Unlike — Pages

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July 25, 2012 by Kelly Quinones Miller

If there’s one thing social media users have in common, it’s that they are more likely to engage with photos than any other form of content. Pinterest’s success is a great example of this trend.

And now Facebook is doing more with photos than ever before. Last month, we showed  you how to edit your Facebook status using photos. Now you can quickly like pages — or unlike them — right from “photo theatre.” That means you never have to leave your news feed (or find your place in it again)!

(Terminology alert: “Photo theatre” is Facebook’s unique way of displaying photos. The photo appears in full size with its caption and comments in a panel on the right. The entire box is framed in black, like in a theatre.)

Here’s how you do it:

1. Click on a page’s photo to view it in the photo theatre.

2. Look up in the right corner. You’ll see the page name. Under the page name, you’ll find an option to like the page along with the date/time the photo was posted.

3. Click on “Like this page.” The words will changed to “Liked.” If you were to click on the page name, you’d be taken to the page’s Timeline and the “Like” box would be checked.

Change Your Mind?

This new update means that you can also unlike pages from the photo theatre. To do so, just hover over “Liked” in the top right corner. An “Unlike” box will appear. Click on it and you’ll never see the page again.

Of course, you can always hover over a page name anywhere in Facebook to get the option to Like/Unlike.

However, having the words “Like this page” will do a great job of giving folks the opportunity to tune into a business page, especially if they don’t know the trick about hovering over the page name.

Let us know if this tip comes in handy for you!

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