Add Google Calendar To Your Biz Toolkit

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August 15, 2012 by Kelly Quinones Miller

You likely already use a Google service for your business needs — whether it’s Search or Gmail.

But if you aren’t using Google Calendar to publicize your hours, events, and specials, you’re missing out on a powerful, free way to keep your customers and clients informed.

Here are the top four reasons to start using Google Calendar:

1. Multiple Calendars, One Master View

You can create as many calendars as you want and Google will integrate them for you. That means you could have one calendar for specials, one for events, one for meetings … all color coded and all easily made public or kept private.

2. Sync Your Schedules & Events

Business owners often need to meet with their associates or attend networking events. You can quickly add these time points to your calendar and set up reminders so that you’re prepared with the time comes. Your customers and clients can do the same.

For instance: SocialSanford relies heavily on other businesses’ Google calendars. That way, when a business adds a public item to its calendar, it will also appear on SocialSanford’s calendar — meaning more people see it and act on it.

3. Search Away

Want to find out which weekend in August is the most ideal for a special event? Need to know how long it’s been since your last special? Search for that information right in Google Calendar! Once an event/item is published, you — and your clients — can easily search for it. This is a perfect way to research the best times and dates for your upcoming events.

4. Share Your Calendar Everywhere

Once you’ve created and filled in your calendar, you can post it right to your website or your Facebook page. And you can control how many of those individual calendars your web visitors can see — whether it’s all or only one or two. Luckily, you don’t need any professional tech skills — Google Calendar does all the work for you.

You can also share your calendar with colleagues and family members so that they can add to it or just stay aware of your schedule. Very handy!

Next Step

Ready to add Google Calendar to your business toolkit? Come out on Thursday, August 23 (10:30-11:45am) to learn how to set up your calendar, add items and sync to other businesses’ items, and add it to your website or Facebook page. All for just $15.

Even better: Come early for a session on making meetings more efficient (9-10:15am). You can attend both sessions for just $25.

In the meantime, leave a comment letting us know your favorite reason for using Google Calendar. Or, if you’ve chosen not to use it, let us know why!

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