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We’re offering the following workshops in 2013:

* 30 Seconds or Less: Elevator Pitches That Work
You’ve just been asked to introduce yourself in front a group of people. Quick, what do you say?! A good 30-second commercial has four key components. Learn what they are and then create one that grabs attention and will have others talking.  

A great introduction is memorable and encourages others to approach you. The problem is most people are uncomfortable speaking in public, especially when they have to talk about themselves. We’ll help you rise above this fear using a simple format that will help you showcase who you are anytime you are called on to make an introduction. Here are comments from previous seminar participants:

“I’ve been to several workshops on this topic but always left feeling defeated. I’ve realized that’s because they usually say “You need a 30 second intro. Now write one and present it.” But Kelly broke the process of developing an intro and helped us develop our intros so that we had a finished product when we left.”

 “This was great! I dread these kinds of seminars where you have to speak, but you broke it down so its easy and fun.”

“I was not sure I needed this, so glad I came.

You’ll walk out of the seminar with an introduction, and a template you can use to change your intro to fit every occasion.

When: TBA • Cost: $20

Resume Reality Check: Put Your Best Foot Forward
You just heard about the perfect job opportunity, but the application period ends in two days and the last time you updated your resume was 1997. Sound familiar?

Too often we focus on our resumes only when we are applying for a job—when time is short and we aren’t able to put our best foot forward. Take the time now to dust off the cobwebs and make your resume a crystal clear reflection of you. In this two-hour seminar, you’ll learn how to create a resume that can easily be updated and customized for each opportunity.  Learn tips and tricks to make yourself stand above the crowd in this competitive job market.

We’ll look at sample resume formats and spend time working individually and in small groups to provide feedback on all participants’ resumes.

When: TBA • Cost: $20 

* Marketing to the Masses: Getting the Most out of Expos and Trade Shows
Even if your next expo or trade show is months off, NOW is the time to start planning! Start strategizing early and you’ll get much more out of every event you attend. Instructor and expo veteran Kelly Hazen Klug of Lighthouse Documentation & Training will show you how to set a goal, plan your booth space, be productive during the event, and make the most of your entry fee.  Whether you are a newcomer to this form of marketing or you’ve participated in expos before, you will walk away with valuable tips and tricks to ensure your business or organization is remembered…long after the expo doors close!

When: TBA • Cost: $20/$10 for verified exhibitors at the Small Business Expo 

* Intro to Digital Image Editing
You found the perfect image for you blog, but it needs to be cropped.  That shot of you with your biggest client would be perfect on your Facebook page, except for the red eyes. You want to add your website to that image of your latest creation before you load it on Pinterest.  Ever been stopped by any of these issues?

In this hands-on seminar, we’ll look at a few free digital editing software packages and show you how to make basic edits to photos including cropping, red-eye reductions, image and file size changes, and adding text.

This is a hands-on class using PC-based software.  Please bring your laptop or windows-compatible tablet to class.  If you do not have a laptop, a limited number of computers are available on a first come/first served basis.

When: TBD • Cost: $20 

* Intro To Email Newsletters
Find out how to use the popular, free newsletter service MailChimp to better communicate with existing customers and appeal to new ones.

When: TBD • Cost: $20

* Computing in the Cloud
Learn how to create, edit, and access files from anywhere using Google Drive and Dropbox. You’ll learn to download and sync from “the cloud” to your laptop or smartphone.

When: TBD • Cost: $20

* Facebook Tips & Tricks
Learn how to use your Facebook Business page effectively and get strategies that will allow you to step away from computer so that you can focus on other elements of your business

When: TBD • Cost: $20

Looking for something else?
Is there a particular job or tech skill you need to learn? Let us know and we’ll try to put together a session for you.

If we don’t offer the workshop you need, feel free to reach out to either of the Kellys for private one-on-one or smaller-group trainings.

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